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Re: Start Green, Pierce sixth man
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I think the thing that frustrates me the most is that he continues to shoot us out of games when he plays like this. You can't take 15 shots when you are that off. It's selfish. Especially when you know you have dead legs. If he isn't willing to realize that he is on the decline and can't do what he could 4-5 years ago then a change needs to be made. When you're off, pass the dang ball. When you are on, then fill it up. Otherwise we will continue to lose like this.

Pierce made mostly good decisions tonight.  He was smart in moving the ball, and most of his shots were open.  He just didn't hit them.

Should Pierce pass up open jumpers?  I don't think that would be helpful, even if he is in a bad slump.

I do think it's time to give him a game or two off, though.

On a 3-15 night, yes. This is becoming more and more frequent and he needs to learn that he needs to stop shooting when he is off. At least go to the rim and try to get to the free throw line.

Re: Start Green, Pierce sixth man
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As a huge Green fan, he should stay on the bench. Sorry.
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