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Re: C's draw Sixers on Christmas
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People are really rooting for BOS-PHI to be a rivalry, but the reality is Celtics just came close to sweeping them without their 2 best players. Sixers are a ways away from being legitimate threats to Boston..

Possibly but the way the dynamic of the East is shifting, post LeBron, there's a pretty decent chance you'll be seeing multiple BOS/PHI playoff matchups in the years to come.

The hope here is that this incarnation of the rivalry remains one sided.

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Re: C's draw Sixers on Christmas
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Cís @ Raptors the second game. Nice

that's in toronto, could be playing second game on thursday at home..i wouldn't like that, back to back then travel to toronto...hopefully not

Could be.

No MLK game btw. Guess Cís/Lakers will be on some random Thursday and Sunday.

We may play MLK, just not on national television. That day is usually a full slate of 12+ games, so we will see Friday.

But yeah, Celtics and Lakers will probably be a Sunday afternoon game and a Thursday TNT game.

Or maybe on one of those Saturday night ABC games like how we played the Warriors at Oracle last year. One meeting Saturday, one meeting Sunday. There's no way the NBA could miss a LeBron-Lakers vs Kyrie-Celtics matchup.

Re: C's draw Sixers on Christmas
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Based on what I'm seeing in my account, it looks like MLK day is a 7:30 pm game at home. Opponent hasn't been listed yet.

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Re: C's draw Sixers on Christmas
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As long as Embiid stays healthy and keeps running his trap BOS-PHI will ALWAYS be a rivalry.

Love Embiid's swag and love him even more with each BOS win.

Love an old-school young big with a personality (and mouth) to match. Makes it even sweeter as BOS continues their ownership of them.

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