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"The Grind"
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As Drew Hanlen calls it .This is where the players grow,get stronger,add moves or refine their game.Long work outs with trainers ,weight room regimes .
The Auerbach Facility will be a crucible for this teams identity of togetherness and hard work.

I love the way Drew Hanlon has opened up this world with his tapes of an inside view of the comradery,competitiveness and sweat.Early starts,long days and nights of drills,moves,shooting technique .The moves to create separation,coming off screens and off the dribble shots.
Were used to seeing the move or shot but not the effort that was put in to get there..

I have been punching in some of the NBA skills trainers there is one Micah Lancaster that Kyrie uses for ball handling this guy is pure genius and there is a workout video with a early Cavs Kyrie.
His dribbling skills are the result of hard work often solitary, developing moves and countermoves several steps ahead.There was the development of the skill of stopping short,,use of both hands swatting.The skills coach rivals and challenges Kyrie in two man drills.
Enjoy "The Grind" these trainers videos give you a front row seat into what makes our stars.
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