Author Topic: Report: Lakers refuse to sign Gelo Ball; about “more than just basketball”  (Read 434 times)

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The Foot Locker commercial last night was amazing though.

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I know Lebron is "seriously" considering LAL, but I'm also not sure if he wants to put up with LaVar LOL. They have had beef before. "LaVar Effect"  :P

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Thats just as well ...   he thumbed his nose at FREE education ....alright then

He needs to move on to a job in his IQ range and lifes calling

Sanitation engineer.....Thats Garbage Collector for City of LA

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Lavar ball killed Gelo basketball career by taking him out of school.  I think UCLA would have forgiven him by the start of next season. 

His youngest son though, regardless of leaving school early, likely garners interests. 

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Taking him out of UCLA was a mind boggling move.
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