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Nate Robinson: NBA gave me depression
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This was during the 2012-13 season, when he carried Chicago to a triple-overtime Game 4 victory against Brooklyn. He was miraculous in the open floor, scoring 34 points off the bench, including 23 in the fourth, one shy of Jordan’s franchise playoff record. Robinson fantasized about retiring in Chicago, but he says tensions with coach Tom Thibodeau escalated privately, as Robinson’s focus and maturity were once again issues. (Thibodeau did not respond to attempts through Timberwolves PR to reach him about this statement.)

Robinson’s sadness deepened. The devil and the angel hounded from within.

“The NBA gave me my depression,” Robinson says. “I’ve never been a depressed person in my life.”

While in therapy, Robinson questioned himself and God. He wondered if he should have pursued football instead. He opened up about struggles few knew about, like the time, he said, Brown allegedly referred to him daily as “the little ****.” On another occasion, Robinson came into Brown’s office, crying, telling his coach to stop demeaning him. Ten minutes later, in front of the team, Brown called Robinson “the little ****” again and shared that he had cried.

(When asked about the nature of these interactions, Brown said: "I don't have any recollection. I don't, I don't know … I don't know what I called him, to be honest with you. If I did that, shame on me. I would feel terrible about that. That's not who I am, but I don't want to dispute Nate.”)

Feel bad for Nate. Still have a lot of love for the Nate the Great.

I think if he was 1-2 inches taller, he would've found a team willing to take him on now.
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Re: Nate Robinson: NBA gave me depression
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That Nets/Bulls game 4 was one of the most blatantly rigged games I've ever seen. The Nets were down 2-1 in the series and were playing like trash, but the refs kept helping them and helping them. It was one of the most creative officiating efforts you'll ever see.

Somehow the Bulls overcame it and pulled out the win, I gained a lot of respect for them for that. And Nate was indeed great that day. It's sad he never really found a home in the league.

The guy was Instant Offense. Not always efficient, but certainly a threat. You'd think teams would value that a bit more.

Re: Nate Robinson: NBA gave me depression
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I liked Nate but from reading the story - I can see how/why he p---ed people/coaches off.

Re: Nate Robinson: NBA gave me depression
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The coolest among us love you, Nate.  Give IT a call - he'll be happy to hear from ya.
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