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2019 Boston Bench Mob
« on: June 13, 2018, 11:54:47 AM »

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The more I think about it, the more we should go into the tax threshold.....   But with so many talented players we might not have enough BB to go around.  But if we retain Baynes and Smart, we would have the best bench in the NBA!   

First, is it even possible to resign Smart and Baynes if they both commanded 10 million each?   

We have a championship caliber team........ Truthfully, there is not enough basketball in the starting lineup if we keep Brown in there.   This makes Brown and/or Tatum the perfect 6th man.     In a normal game I believe there is close to 80/90 shots.   

With Baynes development as a possible stretch 5 and wanting a bigger roll it might be smart to toggle between two starting lineups based on match ups.

Does this mean it would be better to sign and trade smart for a big man?   I just do no see enough basketball to go around?   

If it comes down to Baynes or Smart, who do you keep?   Seems like we have too much #27, and the role players still left on the bench....   

Kyrie         10/13 Shots
Smart         5/7 Shots         
Hayward  10/13 shots
Tatum      10/12 shots
AL            10/12 shots   

Starters 57 Shots

Bench Mob!

T Rozier   8/10 Shots
Brown      8/12 Shot
Semi         5/7 Shots
Morris      8/10 Shots
Baynes   8/10 Shots 

Bench 52 Shots

I think we sign and trade Smart when he wants 14 million a year...... along with the #27 pick for a future first to a team like Orlando/PHX/LAL   

If Smart cost to much money,  what if Orlando would do Smart at 15 million and #27 for the expiring deal of N. Vucevic and a future 1st 2020 top 5 protected....   That gives us a 3 million trade exception, a big and future first......and we do not need Baynes...    We really only increase the cap by 10/12 next year....   Might work if Baynes and Smart want to much $....   

Re: 2019 Boston Bench Mob
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Benches can be funny.  It's more about what they represent as unit than individual talent (which we may overrate anyway).  So what is the identity of the bench?  That will determine whether they will be the "best" bench in the NBA.

Re: 2019 Boston Bench Mob
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half the shots to the bench?  :o

Re: 2019 Boston Bench Mob
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half the shots to the bench?  :o
Yeah, I think OP has the number of shots way off base