Author Topic: Who could be this year’s potential Eurobargain?  (Read 246 times)

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Who could be this year’s potential Eurobargain?
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Last year Ainge signed Daniel Theis and Shane Larkin to minimum deals to round out the roster.  Both were successful signings — Theis we will be glad to have back (and he was sorely missed) and I’m sure many would be happy to have back Larkin as well, although I find that less probable.  Given the Celtics tight tax fit next season, a minimum salary player or two to round out the roster seems somewhat likely.

So are there any players from Europe this year that we hope will wind up in Boston for a season or two?  Anthony Randolph was a popular name around these parts last year, although he didn’t have the same season this time around (some may have been injury-related).

If we could get his draft rights from the Cavs, I would be interested in taking a look at Arturas Gudaitas.  (EDIT — Just saw he signed a 3-year contract extension in February so he’s unlikely to be available).
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