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2009 all over again?
« on: April 16, 2018, 01:36:03 AM »

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This really reminds me so much of 2009.

Championship aspirations to start the season (defending champs, and this preseason it wasn't a stretch to see us coming out of East if IT didn't work out in Cleveland).

Hoping one of our stars returns for the playoffs (the still-curious case of KG and some of us hoping Gordon would not suffer any setbacks and return late March/early April).

Young player(s) blossoming into big time player(s) (Rondo took the step to All-Star, we may very well be seeing that with our current young core).

Tough first round matchup that may become an epic series (that series featured FOUR OT games including a double AND triple OT affair)?

I know the odds are long for a deep run, but this group is not going down without a fight. There is plenty of talent still playing and their grit is admirable. We may lose to an overrated team like the 2009 Magic (eg 2018 Sixers), but this is only the beginning for these Celtics (although we still got two more unforgettably satiable runs with those guys).

Re: 2009 all over again?
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Whatever else happens this team has provided me with so many fun moments watching them this season. Way more than I would ever have envisaged 5 minutes into the season. They certainly have the talent.

Tonight was a great win considering we shot 41% and the Bucks shot 49% and they could've folded after that deflating last second 3 from Middleton. What will define whether they can make a long playoff run is their consistency. We need Big Al to play more like he did tonight, we need Terry to maintain his composure even when he misses a few early on and we need Tatum, Morris and Brown to keep producing points. We don't have a go-to guy so it has to be an all-in effort. If someone has an off night we're going to be in trouble. Thankfully Brad looks like he has them pretty well prepared.

As for the future, when Kyrie and Gordon get back we're going to be one of the deepest teams in the league.
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