Author Topic: I think its time to play Yabusele instead of Ojeleye  (Read 1371 times)

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Re: I think its time to play Yabusele instead of Ojeleye
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I don't particularly care who Stevens plays out of Yabusele, Nader and Ojeleye. As NBA players go, they all suck because none of them are ready for the NBA yet. I would have preferred a world where Nader and Semi were our 2 way players, Yabu was stashed another year and we had 3 vet min players in their place when the season started.

Should be interesting to see who of the three are still with the team next year when the Cs should move into contender status.

Yeah, that seems like such a perfect scenario where they could (hopefully) develop without sacrificing valuable roster spots. Let's also not forget that Tatum and Theis, 2 more rookies, exceeded expectations. We could've been in a real dire situation had they not.

I'm certain that Ainge would do things differently if he had known those 3 guys would've brought so little to the table.

...or that Kyrie, Hayward, Brown, Smart, and Theis would miss major time or have season ending injuries (and only Brown is slated to not miss the rest of thee season). That starting 5 would be a top 3 team in the conference.

But I totally agree. I (along with others) was screaming for Ainge to sign G. Green at the start of the season. He was a great locker room guy and proved he could produce when given the opportunity.

I've never been a Green fan, largely because of his his defense and inconsistency, but there is no question he's a superior player to the Trash Bros. Some other vet minimum guys that I think would've been a really good fits are Joe Harris, Nwaba, Mbah a Moute, and to a lesser degree Richard Jefferson for his experience, toughness, and leadership. Another player that would've intrigued me is Derrick Williams. An athletic 3/4 wing that I would be interested to see develop under Stevens and how he would make use of Williams' athleticism.