Author Topic: IT not ruling out a return to the Celtics  (Read 1774 times)

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Re: IT not ruling out a return to the Celtics
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Im not ruling IT out ,

If he would sign with anyone for a mutal deal....

IT would be the Celtics.

He knows where home is.    ;)

Re: IT not ruling out a return to the Celtics
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Itís both lip service and trying to show he over it.

How his career has gone since being traded has humbled him. One year ago he was an MVP-candidate on an elite team. We all know what transpired since, between his personal life, his health, and now his career.

I, unlike some in here, donít think he deserves it because of his height or some off-the-cuff ďBrinksĒ remark. I feel for the guy. Those who watched him night in and night out know he gave us everything. Seeing how he was treated in Cleveland and then being relegated to the bench in LA Iím sure has made him appreciate Boston once again.

That said, I doubt there is any chance he returns here. He wonít be able to swallow his pride to backup Kyrie. For the MLE (most we could offer), there are plenty of teams that would take him, and for better roles. Donít think he fits into our plans anymore with Rozier and Smartís impending free agency.

Best of luck to the little guy, as long as he leaves the Lakers!

Agreed on all counts.  This response to a twitter question falls in line with efforts to present himself in a favorable light before the offseason.  But he also speaks his mind, and so I doubt he would've made the comment if he still harbored a lot of resentment.     

He's contributing to wins in LA and seems to be regaining his footing.  I hope the best for him. 
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