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Coaches Versus Refs
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In the last two days, Doc Rivers, Alvin Gentry, and Stan Van Gundy have all been fined $15,000 by the league, Doc for calling officiating "a complete joke" in LA's game against Houston, Gentry for a rant in which he said New Orleans wasn't getting fair treatment in their game against Houston, and SVG for calling officiating "embarrassing" after Detroit played Portland.

Tonight, Dwane Casey (and Demar Derzoan and Serge Ibaka) was ejected at the end of Toronto's game against OKC and said afterward that the Raps would file a formal complaint about the officiating of the game.

Is officiating worse than its been in the past or are coaches and players feeling more entitled than in previous years? Combination of both?
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Re: Coaches Versus Refs
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Most coaches only see the game one way. Refs have to see it both so sometimes conflicts happen. fortunately these are very rich men so their conflicts have only minor consequences.
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