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Biggest surprise: Jason Tater. All day, every day.
Biggest disappointment: Hayward's injury. Still feel gutshot when I remember the injury. Given how well we have played without him, I believe they had a legit shot to win it all this year if he’d been healthy.
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Re: Biggest surprise/Disppointment
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Celtics surprises in order
1. Brown – Was unsure of him entering the season.
2. Theis – Who knew? Would be #1, but is not as important as Brown. #6 in rookie PER.
3. Rozier – Showed well at times briefly in the past, but has developed consistency.
4. Tatum – Not surprised that he’s very good. But the amount of minutes he’s gotten reflects on how fast he’s developed. Wait until next year…

Celtics disappointments
1.GH injury has to be #1
2. Irving injury status.
3. Smart – I expected more after the summer leagues. He was absolutely brutal at times, then he’d show flashes, did a spectacular dumb thing, came back and was playing much better, and then gets injured. Up and down, up and down, up and down. I still want him, but at the right price and no more.
4. Theis injury. Kid was playing very well.

S – HOU, Oladipo and Indiana, Sixers , Portland, Lakers (ugh) though I was right about Ball
D – Fultz (who could have foreseen that?), OKC, Detroit,
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Re: Biggest surprise/Disppointment
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I can't remember the thread, exactly, prior to the season to which the biggest question marks regarding the team was devoted, iirc, and wherein I believe that I mentioned the change in our  medical staff as being up there, for me, but I'm sticking with that one, unfortunately, as I never expected so many injuries to occur, and all across the spectrum in terms of age, as well, this season. Ugh.

Mind you, I wasn't anticipating our trainers, etc., to perform miracles, but, man, what a terrible year in that regard, and anyone who needs surgery, like Kyrie, should already have opted for the procedure(s), imo, as playing hurt isn't going to help anyone, nor anything, at this point, imo. Sigh.

The kyrie issue was from his cleveland days, its hard to put the blame on the staff for that one. Brown, Hayward, Smart- all are accidents not wear and tear type of injuries.

Yeah, I know, plus Horford continues to have head issues or whatever, but I'm not sure that they did a great job with Morris' knee, and now Theis is out, too. It just seems like we've been snakebitten across the board this year, which, thankfully, usually doesn't happen. I just hope that it's not a sign of things to come as it pertains to the medical staff.

Re: Biggest surprise/Disppointment
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Biggest surprises:
1. Tatum and Brown looking legit
2. Terry Rozier stepping up
3. Aron Baynes early in the season. Idk if it’s fatigue or what but Baynes looked really good early on.
4. All the comeback wins. Seriously, this team has so much heart. CBS is doing a great job 

Biggest disappointments
1. Hayward’s injury - I was legit excited to see him turn in another allstar campaign
2. Smart’s Injuries - and to think, I thought he was settling in a groove after his punching injury
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