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Pre Tournement draft tiers
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Before the Tourney starts this is my 2018 draft tiers. With the leagues views on positions changing I decided to place players in 4 groups. 1. Bigs (players who will primarily defend big men) 2. Big Wings (traditional stretch 4s, 4/3 hybrids or large SFs) 3. Wings (primary perimeter players not likely to play point or defend in the paint)  4. Guards (players likely limited to defending traditional PG sized players or who are clearly point guards)

Tier 1
Ayton          Big
Doncic          Wing

Tier 2
Jackson           Big
Bamba          Big
Bagely          Big
Porter Jr          Big wing

Tier 3
Sexton          Guard
Young          Guard
Carter           Big
Miles Bridges   Big Wing
Mikal Bridges   Wing

Tier 4
J Porter           Big
R Williams   Big
Gilgeous-Alevander   Guard
K Knox           Big wing
D Hunter           Big wing
M Robinson   Big
L Walker          Wing
S Ponds         Guard

Tier 5
T Brown         Wing
Bates-Diop     Big wing
Gafford         Big
McCoy          Big
Yurtseven          Big
Musa          Wing
Melton          Guard
Z Smith          Wing

Tier 6
Milton         Wing
Alkins         Wing
Bonga         Wing
A Simons         Wing
Duval        Guard
Brunson        Guard
Shamet        Guard
Allen              Wing

Based off of my tiers the Cs will have a shot at a player in tier 5 and should have their pick on tier 6. If that holds true Melton and Alkins both seem like DA type picks.