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Re: Bye bye one-and-done? Oh please get it done by 2019
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I think it was Jaylen Rose in one of the 30 for 30 episodes saying that he didn't have enough to buy pizza and he passed infront of a store selling a jersy with his name for 100$. This is extremely unfair and i fail to understand why it hasn't changed!

But i am not sure the gleague as it is workign now is the way to go. I don't follow this league at all so maybe i am wrong but don't see much development happening there. It is more of a reserve team league rather than development league.How many players did actually improve and how many gleaguers got an decent nba contract ?

Imho the best solution is to remove the min age rule and fix NCAA.

While I agree with Rose's thoughts, I seriously doubt that he did not have enough money to buy pizza. I think the worst kept secret in the NCAA is that the best players have been receiving benefits, going back decades.

College is for learning. Basketball is for entertainment. I don't care that much if the NCAA becomes less attractive as the top college athletes go straight to the pros. I went to the Final Four last year, and there were very few NBA players (Zach Collins, Justin Jackson, and Jordan Bell), and even those guys were not that exciting. I thought the most interesting player was Przemek Karnowski, who is now playing in Europe.

The college game is fun to watch b/c of the effort and teamwork. If you care about watching the best basketball players, you'd be better off watching the NBA.

And college is basically useless unless you graduate. Many job interviewers look to see a bachelor's degree first and foremost. It's a yes or no question.

Re: Bye bye one-and-done? Oh please get it done by 2019
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This is what the NBA can do

Have three rounds in the draft. And expand the G league

This way there is option to jump straight into a pro league vs mandatory to attend college

just like the NHL.  If you want to jump into the OHL or play college hockey....its up to you

Re: Bye bye one-and-done? Oh please get it done by 2019
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Most of these kids have no interest in college much like most high school graduates. They should be able to go to work playing basketball for a living. Forcing kids to go to college is probably the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Expand the G-league play their game prior to the big club game. Both teams travel and have identical schedules. As a fan I'd love nothing more to see G-league games before parent club games.
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