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In their original mock they had Cam Reddish too low (out of the top 5), Rui Hachimura in the top 8 or so and Charles Bassey, who may very well end up a lottery pick, not even on the list. I emailed them to voice my displeasure. Maybe they do read the comments.

Must have been before Bassey reclassified. I don't think they update frequently.
It was definitely posted before Bassey reclassified. There still wasn't a reason to have Hachimura (was like 4th or 5th) ahead of Reddish (I think he was 6th or 7th) on their June mock draft. That is absurd. Rui is good on defense but his offensive game lacks right now and he's a junior this year so his upside isn't all that great even though he started playing ball later than some. He'll be a more focal point this year so we shall see if additional minutes and touches improves his offensive efficiency.

Yeah that mock was abysmal. Now they have a much more realistic one where Reddish goes 2 and Bassey goes 11. Little seems low though. Rui at 12 seems about right.

The most important point is that the Kings are picking too late! (Yes, I know it's based on last year's standings.)

Also, Sekou Doumbouya seems too high at 3- I really liked him based on his awesome physical talent, but his recent international performances have been duds. I'm hoping he proves me wrong, because if he could really make the most of his abilities, he'd be a great fit for the Cs. Bigger, stronger R Will with better handles. But he only picked up a ball at 12, has trouble seeing the game sometimes, and just doesn't show out on bigger stages. I don't think he's 18 yet, so maybe he just needs time and coaching, but putting him at 3? I think even for a draft site that putting potential too far ahead of achievement.

I was disappointed by Sekou deciding to stay in essentially the French minor leagues. That's not the way to impress teams looking for that next international star. You have Doncic out there leading at the highest level not the NBA and Sekou playing with scrubs in irrelevant gyms across France. I could see him dropping out of the top 5 even 10 with a so-so year.

Glad to see they are starting to drop Bol Bol. No motor whatsoever..

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Nassar Little looks pretty legit. I'm not as high on Barrett, Reddish, Williamson, or Doumbouya. They all look like decent prospects, but not upper tier prospects.

I think people are sleeping on this Jaylen Hoard kid going to Wake Forest. He is a long athlete with long strides. He has a variety of really impressive finishing moves, like eurosteps, step-throughs, and finish-overs. In my initial arm-chair scouting, He is number two after Little on my board.

Wow. Good pickup. He handles like a 6"2 point guard. TP.

Maybe his biggest knock is a very slight lack of explosiveness..
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Just saw today Bazley is not going G-league and will just train the year. Would have been an interesting guy/story to follow.
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