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The grooming of young stars-right everything
« on: February 19, 2018, 10:17:55 AM »

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I can't imagine a better place for Jaylen and Jason and that includes Marcus and Rozier than the Boston Celtics.This is a great city to be young in with all the Colleges and Boston Sports has been blessed now for decade of winning .The kids have the banners above ,legends  and Hall of Famers in and out and got to watch Pierce go to the rafters.They have a basketball GM and just the right young coach.
The combination of Horford and Kyrie as veteran all star presence.
Being 19 and 21 and just watching Kyrie dribbling skills from practice to games, has got to rub off.He has put the sizzle back into skills rather than another three or power dunk'
We are seeing it in Rozier and Marcus with his defense has played a part in a winning culture since he arrived as a rookie.
.Jaylen,Rozier and Marcus all have playoff experience and Rozier did a d league stint.There was no losing culture and gifted time
I have never seen a setup in all my years since the Bird,McHale Parrish heist like the coming years for us fans.

Re: The grooming of young stars-right everything
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Great post, rollie, TP. Yeah, I think there is definitely something to growing up and developing in a winning culture and getting playoff experience when your 10-22. Most youngsters don't get to do that and the ones we have seen have greatly profitted from it. Look at Cedi Osman this year. And Jordan Bell. Look at how great Clint Capella developed. All youngsters in winning programs. I definitely think it makes a difference

Re: The grooming of young stars-right everything
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I suppose you could make the case that there are some good players that developed in losing cultures and they're really different.

CP3 and Blake Griffin come to mind.

And there are players that eventually came to the conclusion that the only way to win was to team up with buddies or ready made teams.

Re: The grooming of young stars-right everything
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TP Rollie.

I agree with the part about how Boston is a college town etc too.

Boston is by any metric a great place to live. Despite their grumpiness Bostonians are a pretty decent bunch, lots of money, low crime, and it's a classy town overall. It's a good place for staying out of trouble, and a good place for challenging yourself mentally.

I'm also glad Portland, ME is home to the Red Claws, I couldn't think of a better city for young folks to grow up in. Once you've lived in nice towns like that other cities just don't compare.

Not only are these cities good for their development, but they are nice enough to make players want to stick around come contract time.