Author Topic: 8 worst trades of last decade (and the BKN/Bos deal isn't 1, no idea why)  (Read 419 times)

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It is interesting to see just how awful certain trades end up.  They have the Bargnani to NY trade at 1 ahead of the KG/PP trade to the Nets.  Other awful trades that ended up directly affecting the C's in some way on the list are #3 - Wallace from Portland to the Nets (who was then sent to us in the KG/PP trade), #4 the trade that landed Irving in Cleveland (who obviously doesn't come here if not in Cleveland), and #5 the Philly trade with Sacto (in which the Sacto pick Boston will likely get was involved).
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Re: 8 worst trades of last decade (and the BKN/Bos deal isn't 1, no idea why)
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By far, the worst two are:

1. Celtics/Nets
2. Clippers/Cavs - Baron Davis and unprotected pick for cap space.  I called it at the time ... why would you leave that pick unprotected.

Re: 8 worst trades of last decade (and the BKN/Bos deal isn't 1, no idea why)
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Kind of odd to go with 8, could the author not think of an even 10?  And a couple of the trades listed aren't even that bad.

#8.  Chi/OKC 2017 trade.  I feel like this is so inconsequential it doesn't matter.  It's like paying $2 for something at a yard sale that you can buy new at Wal-Mart for $1.  Who cares.

#6.  Iverson/Billups.  Detroit needed to shake things up, and did, and this actually helped them move on from the 2004 championship team.  It cut salary and let them try to rebuild.  Just because they failed in rebuilding doesn't mean it was a terrible trade.  And all Denver had to show for getting Billups was one trip to the WCF, not a huge win.  Either way, swapping 2 aging stars for each other, I just don't view as a terrible trade.

#1 Bargnani to the Knicks.  A bad trade for sure, but all that was traded was crap for crap.  If Poeltl was lighting it up in Toronto it would be one thing or if Toronto was able to trade that pick for a star, but he's not and they didn't, so it doesn't really matter.  Should be on the list, but not even top 5.

And again, not sure why the author would stop at 8.  I can think of several more, Isaiah Thomas to Boston, Steve Nash to LA, Michael Carter-Williams for LA pick, the Bynum/Howard 4 team trade debacle, Rondo to Dallas, and I could probably come up with a few more if I think about it.

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Re: 8 worst trades of last decade (and the BKN/Bos deal isn't 1, no idea why)
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I think people are underselling how bad the Bargnani trade was.  An unprotected 1st, 2 seconds, multi-year salary relief, and a player who was at least useful (Novak) for a mediocre player who’d missed half of each of the prior two seasons and was owed the present-day cap equivalent of $20 million for each of the following two seasons is a really terrible deal.  Imagine Houston getting that return for Ryan Anderson this summer, except that Ryan Anderson hadn’t been able to consistently get in the court the last two years.  It was a bad deal the second it was agreed to — the pick should have gone the other direction.

Now all that said, the Brooklyn deal literally caused the NBA to rewrite the rules on trading 1st-round picks.  When the league looks at a deal and says “that can’t happen again”, it’s clearly the worst trade of the decade.
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Re: 8 worst trades of last decade (and the BKN/Bos deal isn't 1, no idea why)
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The Kings trading an unprotected #1 and swap rights to the Sixers for a middling amount of cap space is worse than most of those trades.

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