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CFAN38, I think you're off on your salary for the #27 pick.  You should take 120% of the slotted salary, as that's what they sign for and that's what their cap hold is.  Only a difference of a few hundred thousand, but every little bit counts if the C's are trying to stay under the luxury tax threshold.

Personally, I think the C's would be better off with either a draft-and-stash or trying to move that pick back for a 2nd to sign someone to the rookie minimum (which would save about $800k).

Also, if I'm reading the CBA FAQ right, I don't think Bird or Allen could be signed for .905 mill, they'd have to be signed for the 1 year vet minimum, which will be this season's $1,312,611 + whatever % the cap increases for next year.

I think you are 100% right on both rookie contract and Bird/Allen. Every little big counts but this was just my shooting from the hip post. Thanks for the input ill go back and adjust some day soon.