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Re: List of years New England fans could watch a team in the finals
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New York has more titles. I love Boston, but New York is historically the best.

I know itís not fair to compare because of the number of teams NY has/had.... but even if you just take their oldest teams, they still have the edge.

Yankees 27
Giants 4 (and 4 more pre-SB era)
Rangers 4
Knicks 2

Thereís no debate Boston is the City of Champions this millinium, but not all-time.
First of all they don't have a top 5 team in each sport. Second how are they doing in the salary cap era? Third what is their population vs ours?  Fourth....time frame matters. The Jets haven't won a Super Bowl since JFK. The Knicks haven't won one in almost half a century. The Rangers haven't won one in about a quarter century. Even the Yankees are getting to almost a decade without a title. To be fair it's been half a decade for the Red Sox. They've had some terrible years lately, which has only resulted in East Division crowns the last two years. The last time the Yankees won one was 2012. The vast vast majority of the NYC glory years are in the distant past. Fifth, New York has virtually no meaningful college sports. They are probably #2. Probably.

And every year for the next 5 years. Yanks will be unbeatable. Going to be historic with Sanchez, Judge and Stanton..
New York's media is actually begging them to win a championship. It's so funny.