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Re: Predict the Lottery in Twos
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1. Ayton and Doncic, as the draft approaches I expect these two to separate from the group as Tier 1

2. Jackson and Bamba, two potentially elite defenders who fit the modern NBA

3. Bagley and Porter, Bagley could go higher depending on team fit and Porter could go higher if his health checks out and he plays well to end this season

4. Young and Carter, Carter will be the consolation prize big man of the early lottery Young could go high if a team with a PG need is drafting 3-6

5. Bridges and Bridges, both players will have a lot of positional value as solid rational wings

6. Knox and Williams, Knox will be a higher upside project for a team in the later lottery while williams is more of a NBA ready defensive big

7. Sexton and J Porter
, Sexton could be a pg of the future or 6th man scoring option for a team will playoff aspirations next season. J Porter is a very young project big who plays like he is much older then 18. 

Re: Predict the Lottery in Twos
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1. Ayton & Bagley

2. Doncic & Porter

3. Bamba & Young

4. Jackson Jr. & Carter

5. Sexton & Knox

6. Miles Bridges & R. Williams

7. Gilgeous-Alexander & Mikal Bridges

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Re: Predict the Lottery in Twos
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I think a lot of you guys are missing the boat on Doncic. Kid is mature, an exceptional shooter, great passer, great scorer, and is succeeding in an environment that is much higher level of talent than the NCAA. He will be an excellent player in today's NBA.

I hope you're right! 

The more talent in the league the better.  I hope his talents translate and he's a superstar version of Hayward.  There are definitely some poor teams that have enough athletes and could use what he brings.  I still think at draft time everyone will be lured by potential of the other top 5 or 6 guys in this draft.  The top of this year's draft and all of next season will be very interesting! 

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1 and 2:  Ayton and Porter
3 and 4:  Bagley and Doncic
5 and 6:  Young and Bamba
7 and 8:  Jackson Jr. and Mikal Bridges
9 and 10:  Sexton and Carter Jr.
11 and 12:  Knox and Lonnie Walker
13 and 14:  Gilgeous Alexander and Khyri Thomas

Moved Doncic up to 4....I think GM's will have cold feet on him 1-3 but can afford the risk at 4.
Reached for Khyri Thomas