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UFC 220 Boston (Spoilers)
« on: January 21, 2018, 01:16:34 AM »

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I don't know how many UFC fans we have around here but in the last year or so I've become a follower of the blood and circus and UFC 220 was a fine night in Boston!

Out local boys took it to the competition capping off the non title fights with Methuen native Calvin Kattar systematically picking apart Brooklyn born, up and comer Shane Burgos en route to a 3rd round TKO.

Daniel Cormier dominated his foe Volkan Ozdemir, and I've been seeing UFC fans praise the Boston crowd for being arguably the first to loudly chant for DC, who typically gets boo'ed despite having a top 10 career in the octagon. Really goes to show we recognize greatness regardless of how nationally disliked the player is.

Finally as standing champion Stipe Miocic outlasted and dominated the walking 1st round knockout artist Francis Ngannou to the tune of a round 5 decision, thankfully our crowd couldn't have been more proud. We didn't need a viscous headshot or a chokeout. No, our crowd appreciated every second of Stipe's pressure assault and -anecdotally- as a former high school wrestler I can assure you I was getting gassed just watching it. Despite being over 20 pounds lighter Stipe acted like an immovable force as he stippled any chance Francis had in this fight.

Great night for the Sport. Imo great night for the city. Cheers UFC 220.

Re: UFC 220 Boston (Spoilers)
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Ngannou will definitely improve. You can tell he's destined to be a champion, but he needs to vastly improve his ground game. He was completely lost with his back on the mat. He wasn't even trying to shift his hips, get an underhook, secure a half-guard then to full guard, etc. He was just totally lost on the ground and was simply trying to power his way out of bad positions. That's just not going to happen against a wrestler who has great top control. At the moment he looks like a white level skill wise to be honest.