Author Topic: Shams: cavs want to trade Tristan Thompson for Deandre Jordan  (Read 2026 times)

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Re: Shams: cavs want to trade Tristan Thompson for Deandre Jordan
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The Cavs should do a deal if they can since Jordan  > TT and the Cavs are win now. Let them get older. Speaking of which:

Then there’s Boston, currently the East’s top seed with a (34–10) record, as a gerontological outlier. The Celtics are one of the league’s youngest teams, as only the lottery-bound Lakers and Suns boast lower average ages than Boston’s 24.5; not a single Celtic is older than Cleveland’s average age.


The Celtics aren’t just an anomaly this season, though; as a team this young and competitive, they’re a historical aberration as well. Before this season, 142 teams since the advent of the shot clock played with a weighted average age younger than 25, and they were generally awful, finishing with an average .365 winning percentage, which translates to a 30–52 record.
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Re: Shams: cavs want to trade Tristan Thompson for Deandre Jordan
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"Thomas has made a successful return from a serious hip surgery, but is still finding his offensive rhythm, shooting 5-of-26 from the field over his past two games. Around the Cavaliers, there are no worries: Thomas will find his way, but must continue to be aggressive. There had been moments he passed when teammates expected him to shoot, almost second-guessing his shot selection rather than sticking to his gut and true game."

So... which is it? He has an agenda, he shouldn't be shooting... or he's not being aggressive enough.

From that nonsensical paragraph it seems like Isaiah isn't 100% healthy, but obviously he needs more reps, and more chances to fully get himself conditioned. It seems like he's afraid of being selfish and at times being too passive. I tend to think Isaiah will figure it out. Defensively? Nah, I don't think so.

My opinion is that Isaiah clicked in Boston (coach, fans, city). He's great, but in certain conditions around him. I think we'll never ever watch IT4, but some Isaiah Thomas.  Similar thing with Crowder.

I agree.

Boston needed IT4. Haters gonna hate, but he put us back on the map of relevancy. He brought us back to the playoffs. And he recruited free agents, bringing in Horford, Hayward, and nearly Durant. He made us competitive while embracing the culture, the franchise, and the city.

But, IT4 also needed Boston. He needed a GM to welcome him by telling him not to change. He needed a coach to maximize his strengths while masking his weaknesses. He had teammates who trusted and respected him and got on the bus and wanted him to have the keys. As Isaiah went, so did Boston.

That’s something he didn’t get in Sacramento, and definitely not in Phoenix. Now he’s in Cleveland, where he plays in the shadow of a guy who might as well be ten feet tall.

I thought Ainge took care of him by sending him to an elite team. But that elite team has one of the greatest players to ever play. Isaiah needs to be the man to flourish. He needs that chip on his shoulder. He needs to cast a shadow, not play in one. Isaiah is playing for a contract, one he deserves. But playing with LeBron will not bring the Brinks truck, he would have been better off turning a bottom dweller (like the 2015 Celtics; 20-31 without him, 20-11 with him) into a playoff team (2016, 2017 Celtics).

That is the sign of a max player.