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Re: An early look at Players Cs could take with late 1st
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Last year's draft was really deep.  I've gotten the impression this year's is not, but Joogle offers little info. on it.  Is it still to early to tell?  Any one have insight into this?  Seems a draft as deep as last year comes every 3 years or so on average.

This yearís class is maybe not quite as deep as last yearís but not too far off.  For the caliber of player you hope to get in the late 1st, itís about the same.  A little less deep at the top (the drop off starts 6-7 players in instead of near the end of the lottery like last year).

Next yearís class looks not good, however.
If the league gets rid of the one and done rule, like they are discussing, though doesn't that make next year's draft much better?
Only if it applies to this year's underclassmen, which it doesn't. Then you're looking at the 2020 draft and beyond. Next year's draft doesn't look so hot right now and will be even worse if the incoming freshman have to stick around an extra year.

There are competing proposals.  One version of eliminating the one-and-done rule, that Silver seemed to lean towards in December, would allow high school entry again.  The other would be a two-and-done, which he seemed to favor in the past.  I think the FBI scandal pushed him and some owners towards this newer position, but as that fades from the news, I think consensus won't form around it.  Two-and-done is probably DOA with the union as well, so I don't see that happening.

Per Woj, the two and done would only take place if the player enters college.

Nevertheless, there's a growing belief within the league that Silver's desire to end the one-and-done -- the ability of college basketball players to enter the NBA draft after playing one year in college -- could be pushing the sport closer to high school players having the opportunity to directly enter the league again. For that change to happen, though, the union would probably need to cede the one-and-done rule and agree to a mandate that players entering college must stay two years before declaring for the draft.

Re: An early look at Players Cs could take with late 1st
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Looks like there's a few big men projected at the top of the 2020 class. Would be great if they could roll into 2019.

Re: An early look at Players Cs could take with late 1st
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One other player I haven't seen mentioned, that could fit DA's profile, that could be available is Trevon Bluiett. He's not a great athlete but is a nice combo guard and can play the 1, 2 or 3. He's also a very consistent shooter, at .443 from deep this year, was at .371 last year and .398 the year before that.
He's not even on's mock draft. I know he doesn't have explosiveness but there is no way this kid doesn't get drafted. I think some of these mocks are missing the boat on him.
It's a little like last year when I didn't see Luke Kennard on draftexperss's mock AT ALL and had to email them and tell them I would lose all respect for them if they didn't add Kennard to the list. Sure enough, a week later, boom! Maybe they just overlooked him at the time but they didn't reply to my email saying they did or didn't.