Author Topic: IT showin his true colors?  (Read 1270 times)

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Re: IT showin his true colors?
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The cavs have no idea how to hide IT on defense. Guards blow past him and kevin love doesn't know what to do .. That's why IT blames love

You hit it right on the head it takes time to learn how to hide him defensively, and the team has to be a strong defensive team to do it well. That is something the Cavs are not.

IT understands that LBJ will get the lions share of the shot attempts, he seriously believes he should get more attempts than Love.

Make IT a sixth man, it's his natural position.

Re: IT showin his true colors?
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I think it's the Cavs (primarily Wade and Bron Bron) making Isaiah the scapegoat for the recent struggles, so in retaliation, Isaiah is like "what about Love? He faked an illness!" in order to also put some blame on Love.

Either way, it's a mess in CLE for EVERY player involved, except the all respectful Ante Zizic.
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