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US Labor....Just added 223K New Jobs.  3.8% unemployment.  Lowest unemployment for African Americans, Hispanic....and 19 year low for Women.......Winning!

The jobs numbers today were great. They continue the 90+ month trend of job growth. Truly an impressive recovery we have seen under both Obama and Trump.

Too bad Trump leaked the numbers early. BLS May decide not to give them to him in the future.

As a former BLS employee, I canít express how angered I was at his tweeting that info.  Those big releases are sacred ó there is a huge effort to make certain they arenít released early.

Agreed. Honestly, the best course of action is to not provide them to the WH ahead of time anymore. I hate to say it, but I think that's the only way to guarantee their secrecy.
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The unemployment number is impressive, but we need more of the story.  What kind of jobs are being created? 

In healthcare for example, which supposedly makes up 1/5 of the economy, it's common to have contract per diem, un-benefited positions in large healthcare systems.  You often get paid less than normal for a comparable benefited position and you get no benefits.  It's great if someone has a job, but if that job pays single digit wages and doesn't come with benefits, that's not going to sustain them especially in areas with high costs of living.

Wage growth is lackluster despite the massive business tax cuts and the high demand for workers.  The post-tax cut employee bonuses were nice - but let's be honest, those were just corporate PR moves.  Most of that newfound money is going to stock buybacks, which isn't going to help your average American.  And I'm pretty darn certain that this tax cut is not going to pay for itself.

Meanwhile gas prices are going up, insurance premiums are going to continue to climb (in part more than it should due to the repeal of the individual mandate), and goods are likely to become more expensive with the upcoming trade war.  So while the basic numbers look nice it may not reveal the true state of American living.  Just like Obama's numbers looked pretty darn good, but the economy really "wasn't working" for a lot of people.  I suspect that this is still the case.

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GDP Nears 4% growth.
While every democratic pundit suggest lack luster growth around 2% was the new norm, Trumps economy nears 4%.

America is winning!