Author Topic: Can you add Davis without giving up Horford and not be killed by the luxury tax?  (Read 2089 times)

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The more I think about it....

If the offer was Brown, Horford, and the LAL pick.... I think I do it.

Itís definitely a lot, and probably an overpay. But ya gotta give something to get something.

Kyrie/Hayward/Davis is as good a Big Three as you can make.

Allows you cap flexibility to resign Smart and/or use MLE on a SG.

It would essentially be Isaiah, Horford, 2016 #3, and 2017 #1 for Kyrie, AD, and 2017 #3. Younger, bigger, more talented.

Yeah, Iíve convinced myself I would pull the trigger on that deal.
Dumb to include past deals in the evaluation process.

Just because you believe you won 1 deal doesnt mean you have extra room to lose the next deal.

SImilarly if you think you lost a deal it doesnt mean you have to win the next deal by more to even out.

Make each move individually and try to win each one.
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