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Re: Disney(ESPN)/Fox purchase
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So it looks like they reached a deal.  54.1 billion in stock and 13.7 billion in debt for a total price of 66.1 billion.

One of the interesting wrinkles, I hadn't thought about was that Fox sold its television studios (all 28 of them), but is keeping the broadcast network, which means Fox is going to have to buy all of its programming from other studios.  There is some speculation that Fox is going to go away from scripted shows entirely and just air unscripted reality type shows, talk shows, news, sports, and things of that nature that don't require an actual studio to create. 
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Re: Disney(ESPN)/Fox purchase
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This might be the first step toward a new most dominant online streaming service for movies. Between Disney and Fox, you've got an incredibly diverse, and deep bench of movies and they can start streaming whenever they want.

And this is why Netflix was smart to start making as much original content as possible starting a few years ago because as more and more content creators develop their own services, Netflix is going to lose the rights to a lot of the big movies that people pay for Netflix to watch. I've seen some people mention The Punisher and Daredevil and the like but I think those are produced by Netflix so I don't think those would go anywhere else (although it's possible that production of future seasons could wind up elsewhere depending on how those deals are structured).

This could wind up being really interesting.
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