Author Topic: Tatum on pace to have the highest true shooting % of any rookie in NBA history  (Read 3404 times)

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Most Points by a Celtics Rookie, first 30 games:
Bird - 573
Cowens - 526
Pierce - 444
Mercer - 417
Tatum - 415

Tatum is doing it on 50/50/82 splits at 19 yo.

The scary part about this is he isn't the first or second option on the team. When Hayward comes back, he will be like the 4th or 5th option depending on how much depending on how hot Browns scoring is.. Either way we got a good one
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I'm calling Tatum 'Big Easy' from now on and hope it catches on.   :laugh:

He makes every basket he makes looks so easy, whether it's a driving layup, a breakaway dunk, or the splash from 3-point land!

Just check out Tatum on his highlight plays against the Grizzlies!