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The other German  on Mavs, Maxi Kieber had a good game and blocked a lot of shots -i think he is 6-11 was undrafted and is also 25 years old'
Daniel did some summer league with Wizards club-is it possible drafting bigs young skinny and raw is not the way to go.
Twenty five might just be the beginning of improvement for Daniel with NBA coaching from strength training to weight training for speed.He has a group of dedicated young players that really work at getting better and Brad for a coach
Theis is just a rookie, he even said he is getting used to slippery NBA ball.

Re: The real steal-Theis
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I think Ainge has been getting better and better in finding talent. This roster has everything but a big like Tyson Chandler. We have a spot for that. Theis helps keep the energy going when he comes. He sacrifices all to win the true Celtic way. He will also learn to grip the slippery ball better too. 
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