Author Topic: Big Baller Brand delivers $995 shoes without promised case & different design  (Read 1220 times)

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which idiot really decided to pre-order this?

I would've gotten it if I could afford it. It wouldn't have been a sneaker that I'd wear, but it'd be symbolic in the sense that I'd be trying to support a family business that's trying to compete with these sneaker giants.

I say all that in past tense because I don't really support Lavar pullin his kids out of school to pursue a career in the NBA, but I'm still glad Lavar has shown the nerve to at least try things differently.

I like different too. I was on team Ball early b/c I wanted to see another good young PG play differently than the others. I also thought that it was cool that a family would go up against the big shoe makers- companies that by and large pay people in other countries to ship silly sneakers across a big ocean so that nerdy guys in suits can further make money off of young, urban kids.

Then they priced the shoe at $500.

BBB could been a cool story (almost like Stephon Marbury), but now its tacky and just like the Hiltons/Kardashians. Especially considering that Lonzo stinks so far.

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I just thank all that is just in the world that the Celtics didn't draft Lonzo Ball. And, yeah, I'm very happy the Lakers did.
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