Author Topic: Celtics (16-2) at Heat (7-9) Game #19 11/22/17  (Read 5001 times)

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Re: Celtics (16-2) at Heat (7-9) Game #19 11/22/17
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I just wish would would have seen a bit more of that urgency earlier in the 4th quarter.

Agree, we need to play that way all the time instead of playing it cute and expecting we can win it late.

Team desperately needs more scoring.

DPE should be used to get a scorer, period.   I still think we need another big but it is clear we need scoring more than anything.   Our second unit can be atrocious at times.  Still, the team has been fun to watch albeit nerve wracking.

Re: Celtics (16-2) at Heat (7-9) Game #19 11/22/17
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Please practice free throws. Missed 8 free throws and Al your free thows were absolutely necessary at the time. Kyrie 1-4, Al 0-2. I love what I saw from the rookie in last night's game - he has a killer instinct. Again a pass to Baynes at the rim and the kick out to the 3 point line? Maybe once in a while you just dunk it for 2 points? Olynyk played like Olynyk most of the game until he had the fake handoff and drive to the basket for a dunk. That hurt that he got his first dunk against us. Now that we got that loss out of the way we need to start with a new winning streak because all the experts will say we have done it with smoke and mirrors. Let's prove them wrong. Let's try to actually be ahead after the 1st quarter and see how we can play with a lead.

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Re: Celtics (16-2) at Heat (7-9) Game #19 11/22/17
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^TP. Horford's gotta still be feeling it from his concussion. He doesn't look the same. Hopefully it's minor fatigue.
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