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Re: Dirk and Noel for the 2018 Title Run
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I wonder why Noel is getting so little PT in Dallas.  He seemed so promising as a defensive player while in Philly.

Re: Dirk and Noel for the 2018 Title Run
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Dirk cannot move anymore. I don't think he's a rotation caliber player now.

Re: Dirk and Noel for the 2018 Title Run
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That is my gut reaction too.    I do not see Dirk moving the needle that much in reality vs on paper.    The idea is if Noel is worth having on the roster and gives us a better chance at resigning him next year.   

But then you have to decide on Smart or Noel.   or neither...

That pick could be a great cost controlled young Future piece of the Celtics for 4 years....
Boston can't sign Noel in the off season unless he signs for one of the exceptions Boston has.  If Noel is traded the acquiring team does not have his Bird rights and thus can only sign him as they could any other free agent from another team.  That is why Noel will not waive his no trade clause.

What good are his bird rights in Dallas if they are not going to sign him? They are not even playing him which is going to hurt the offers he would get this season. His best bet in my opinion would definitely be going somewhere where he gets minutes to show his value even if loses bird rights.
sign and trade.  opens up a lot more possible locations

I think him playing 25 minutes a night somewhere would open up a lot more possible locations than a sign and trade. Nobody is going to offer him more than the mid-level exception at this point so that makes cap space for sign and trades pretty irrelevant...
you can't know what some team will do.  I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him get 10 million a year from someone.  He is playing 14 mpg, I'm not so sure an extra 9 will have much effect on his future salary, but eliminating his sign and trade could significantly affect what he gets.  And here's the thing, coming to a team like Boston he isn't going to get 25 mpg.  He might not even get the 14 he is getting in Dallas.

He isn't getting 14 in Dallas though. He started the season heavily in the rotation playing 20 or more minutes in 6 of the first 8 games and averaging 19.5 per game. Since then he has completely fallen out into essentially garbage time. He has 22 minutes combined in the last 6 games (with some of it in blowouts like coming in for the last two minutes of a blowout loss against OKC where he was asked about his role). Unless this changes he is certainly going to want to go somewhere he can get playing time (even if it was just to play the mythical 14 he averages in Dallas).

Re: Dirk and Noel for the 2018 Title Run
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Last year Ainge wasn't interested in beating Dallas' offer for Noel, but a year later we're supposed to add the LAL/Sac pick for him?

Take a look at the game log, there's a reason they aren't playing him. BTW, the 0 minute game was a DNP-CD.