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Luke Walton says Lakers teammate spoke to Lonzo Ball about walking away from Suns scuffle

"Someone on our team talked with him," Walton said after the Lakers' practice on Saturday. "It's all part of the learning process."

The even-keeled Ball explained that he was trying to avoid any further trouble.

"It's the NBA," Ball said after the Lakers lost 122-113 to the Suns. "People ain't really gonna fight. I ain't trying to get no technical."

Good for Lonzo. It's pathetic that he's getting flak for walking away from a fight between two crappy teams that need to focus on basketball. Makes me like him more.

I hate his dad, and his badly-influenced younger brother. But that was definitely a smart move to walk away. Let Brook Lopez break up the skirmish. Unless this thing breaks out into a Malice At The Palace, it's just the "tough guy" chest-bumping actions lol.

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I want the Lakers to suck as long as possible and if that means wanting Lonzo to fail as a player while on the Lakers, then so be it. I want a top pick next year and for that to happen, LA and Lonzo need to suck.

I also hate the hype the media gives this kid. I haven't seen hype this grand for a rookie since Lebron. Lebron deserved the hype. Ball doesn't.

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here is an interesting stat on lonzo. in the last three game he has taken a total of TWO free throws, and missed them both.

on the season, he gets to the line 1.6 times a game and shoots 46%. i know he is not a good shooter, but his is amazingly poor start. maybe it will just be a small sample size and change.

but more interesting is how infrequently he gets to shoot free throws, and he averages 33 minutes a game.
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