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Tatum,Semmi Theis
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Can you imagine getting on court with,Durant,Curry,Thompson and Green.They must have been awestruck and then to hold them to 88 points while shutting down curry and thompson with Jaylen  dominating with a menace that wilted Green into a jabbering idiot.  No smiles just steely determination to memorialize his friend.

It is so easy to forget how old these guys are that includes Marcus and Rozier.
That combo of Semi and smart-where semi bottled up one warrior with his wide base forcing a short corner pass and the next warrior went baseline off the dribble beating Marcus but Marcus did a Ninja jump to cut off baseline and semmi trapped -this caused a deflected pass and the celts intercepted.That was jaw dropping stuff
.Watching Jaylen force Durant into a back court violation and on another possession Curry dribbled it off his foot out of bounds.These are legends, that our rookies and young players brought down to earth -only 88 points and extended streak because of relentless pressure.The warriors blinked and two 17 point leads got counter punched away
If you like defense, how can someone say that was not anything but pugilistic beauty-Jaylen streaking back for a block,jaylen not giving up after being screened and blocking Durant,Marcus stepping in front  for a steal like a cornerback
 Jaylen stripping away an offensive board and then getting fouled on putback.And the celtics hit their foul shots-Its a long season but the Celts just beat up the Warriors.

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disagree. ever heard the saying young and dumb and full..............

now i am not saying they are dumb but they are young and maybe partially naive and have no fear, i have seen it in hockey. they know no better which is great. iT paid off in SPADES.