Author Topic: Tobias Harris lighting it up..and we've got a better version of him in Tatum  (Read 447 times)

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First off, props to Tobias Harris. Currently averaging 20/6/2 and shooting 48%FG and 50%3PT for a pistons team that is playing much better than people expected.

Going in to the draft people cited Harris as Tatums worst case scenario. And seeing Tatum play id say this projection seems accurate to me. To is saying a whole lot considering what Harris is doing at just still 25 years of age.
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I like Harris. Good player.

But Tatum is going to be better.

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I always liked Harris and was in favor of signing him to a max contract (the year before the jump) when he was a RFA 2+ years ago. I suppose that means we wouldn't have been able to acquire Hayward, but it's not like that signing is paying dividends (yet - don't kill me for that statement - I love Hayward and can't wait for his return)

Anyway, happy to see Harris and Detroit doing well; they had a weird year last year. With the addition of AB and players finally playing to their potential, it is a feel-good story for a growing, young team.
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Harris is shooting 50% from 3pt land and his points will come way down once he reverts back to his career 34.5 3pt%.

Tatum is going to be a much better player than Harris cause there is so much more he can do.

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Doesn't the same apply to Tatum too ?