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Re: Spurs (4-2) at Celtics (4-2) Game #7 10/30/17
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I'll never knock ITs effort he legitimately tried hard most of the time on defense, especially given that we know he was playing on a bad hip, while carrying a huge offensive burden.

Just couldn't bother shots/passes at his size and length and teams ruthlessly targeted him whenever they could.


Re: Spurs (4-2) at Celtics (4-2) Game #7 10/30/17
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Maybe your eyes have detereorated a bit after watching the C's for 50-odd years?  Because I can tell you as someone who actually played AAU ball and against future NBA players, and got on the court mainly for defense, Kyrie's defense is fine.  If you play PG in 2017, with more elite PGs than any other time in history, you're going to get beat sometimes.
Kyrie's defense is not simply fine, it's exponentially better than Thomas', even ignoring player size. Irving is actually able to stay in front of players and crowd the passing lanes -- something Thomas was shockingly bad at.
I am not ready to bash IT like that, the majority difference is still their size
I would expect a player like him to be able to compensate the lack of size with foot speed, but he appeared to lack both. You might want to chalk it up to his bad hip or increased offensive burden, or both -- but I thought the absence of instincts and inability to contribute to the defense was glaring. That wasn't to say it was due to lack of effort -- but sometimes effort can only get you this far.
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Re: Spurs (4-2) at Celtics (4-2) Game #7 10/30/17
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This board has gotten meaner. God forbid I should express some criticism, which btw, was based on direct observation from different games.

Maybe you guys don't understand what is important in defensive basketball. The casual gavone thinks if a guy blocks a shot and gets a couple of steals that he is playing good defense. Blocks and steals are small parts of great team defense. Russell was great because he and his teammates knew how to rotate as a unit, he understood positioning and when he did block a shot, he kept the ball in play - much better than sticking it in the first row.

He's not as bad as you make it out to be. You also brought it out at the wrong place and the wrong time. There's about  3-4 "Kyrie Irving sucks" or "I wish we had IT" thread out there to post those kinds, not in the game thread when we had the win in the bag and he was already on the bench in a game he played well defensively.

Save your condescending remarks for someone else. I am sure I have been watching the Celts a lot longer than you have. Don't try to tell me what I can and can't comment on inside certain threads. Pompous jerk.
I can and I will. So if you're older does that necessarily mean you're better? That kind of thinking actually shows otherwise  ;D

Well that escalated to ad hominems rather quickly

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