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Philly dusted him off tonight and played him
When people talked about "winning culture" I feel like the thing that is really lost with a losing culture is the development of guys like Jah and Nerlens.

Both those guys were really good prospects who have been treated like garbage in Philly and its done a ton of damage to their careers.


Okafor and Noel aren't bad players at all, but PHI hampered their growth and sort of kicked them to the curb in favor of others.

That's what happens when you keep tanking and selecting Top-5 picks for so many years. Soon you get "sick" of a few or can't have more than 2 at a same position.
Philly hasn't really developed anyone drafted high in the draft. Embiid has been this good since he first stepped on the floor. Neither Nerlens nor Okafor are any better now than when they were rookies. Fultz and Okafor look as if they have regressed. I know Brown is known as a developmental coach but he has done nothing with the talent Philly has drafted high in the draft. I don't blame the front office for the handling of these players, I blame the coach and medical team.

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I feel like Brent Brown should get credit for developing TJ McConnel and Rob Covington. I do think it is fair to think that Okafor may be a victim of the process. He was the one terrible pick that they really made for the wrong reasons.

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I have no idea what's happened with Okafor but, albeit on a poor offensive team, in his rookie year, at age 20, he averaged 17 PPG, 7 RPG, shot 51% FG & 69%FT in 30 minutes per game. It's all been down hill since but I wouldn't mind taking a flier on him once he is bought out or released. I doubt he gets traded but it's not impossible. He's just not made for this system so I don't think DA (or Brad) has much interest, or at least no where near what he had after his rookie season.

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Suns are apparently interested but they want to move Monroe in the trade.  Bucks are also apparently now interested in having Okafor be a cheaper Monroe replacement (at least for the season).  Couple of other teams expressed interest in the past, including Boston. 

Obviously no one has put forth an offer acceptable to Colangelo, but I think someone will eventually pull the trigger on a trade.
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