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Three way trade (NO/Cavs/Boston) Trade Idea
« on: October 19, 2017, 02:14:16 AM »

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What do you guys think as the basic frame work......

You think NO could get more?   
You think CAVS give too much? 

Boston gets a one year rental of DC and the Brooklyn pick back and a young TT  (Roddman type) and D.C is the major wild card.  But we get to keep the young core besides Smart.  (With all the PG/SF on the roster Id rather throw money at DC than Smart)   Both would be ideal, but to keep AD in NO low he might like the idea of Smart. 

NO is projected with 28 more

I love AL.....hes a stud but seems like his window of being a piece of a big three is fading fast.   With G.H out we need a more aggressive big......

What if Al wants to be traded?   Cavs go all in and upgrade TT and NO gets a chance to resign Smart (which is a better fit long term wit NO low)

I think this makes Cleveland much better. 

Rose IT
Wade JR
Lebron Crowder

We send the Memphis 1st pick OR our 2018 1st.  Then Cleveland gives up a later 1st to NO.   

NO (Smart, Shump, Yabb & Boston 1st, Cleveland 1st) for DC
Boston (1st, AL, Smart, Yabb) for TT and DC
CAVS (Basically TT and 2 1st for AL)   

We get the Brooklyn pick back from Cleveland. Post trade to ESPN

K.I ~ Rozier
Brown ~ Nadar
Tatum ~ Semi and Hayward
D.C ~ Morris
T.T ~ Baynes
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Re: Three way trade (NO/Cavs/Boston) Trade Idea
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I really would feel horrible about trading Al to the team we already traded IT and Crowder to. Would destroy chemistry losing our level headed veteran presence AND Marcus Smart, who seems to be our heart and soul guy

Re: Three way trade (NO/Cavs/Boston) Trade Idea
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I don't know if the Cavs would trade Thompson straight up for Horford let alone also giving up the Brooklyn pick and another 1st
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Re: Three way trade (NO/Cavs/Boston) Trade Idea
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I think this makes Cleveland much better. 

Then why propose it, on a Celticblog?   I for one, don't want the Cavs to do well.

Re: Three way trade (NO/Cavs/Boston) Trade Idea
« Reply #4 on: October 19, 2017, 07:35:49 AM »

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Terrible trade for the Cavs,  They are not giving us that Brooklyn pick back for Horford. 

Re: Three way trade (NO/Cavs/Boston) Trade Idea
« Reply #5 on: October 19, 2017, 09:32:50 AM »

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Lol, how on earth do we somehow end up with Cousins and the Brooklyn pick for essentially Smart and Al Horford?