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Oh and one more big one to add to the silver lining list...

Even with Hayward out for the season, looking at how bad the East is right now, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that we still have a legit chance of making the ECF this year.

I mean seriously - we just came within one possession of beating the Eastern Conference favourites without Morris and without Hayward.  And the biggest plus side of us getting Morris was his ability to match up with Lebron - had he been ready to go today, this could have easily been a W for us.   

And even without Hayward, I still give us a very good chance against the Raptors and the Wizards - really the only other teams in the East who pose any threat at all.
TP. I think this team is top 4 in the East without Hayward and if Jaylen Brown makes a bigger leap than I was expecting and Tatum can play with poise, I'm not counting this team out against anyone in the East.

More silver linings:

Celtics outscored the Cavs 61-48 in the second half. They came out of the locker room composed and ready to come together and play. This bodes well for their mindset going forward.

Marcus Smart's post game looked good. He's always been big and strong and I've always wanted him to take advantage of smaller guards in the post but I've never actually liked his post game. Last night, he took Rose Korver into the post and looked much more poised than ever before. I liked the improvement.

Jaylen Brown is aggressive going to the rim. He didn't shoot great from 3 but I love the confidence and I love that one play where he and Lebron both went for the ball, both got hands on it, and Jaylen just took it away (and then threw it off Lebron before falling out of bounds). Jaylen is incredibly strong in addition to all his other athletic gifts. That he's able to play the 2 for the C's is phenomenal.

We still get to add Marcus Morris to this group.
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Fast tracking of development for our young guys. They need it. Stevens is a great development type of coach so they get more attention dedicated to them by Stevens. That is huge

Also the younger guys learn to face unexpected adversity and how to respond. They should all lesrn leadership skills from this ordeal

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The biggest silver lining is that out of adversity comes opportunity. I for one am excited about seeing Jay&Jay get more minutes. There will be times when they will look like rookies and second year players and we will get upset but in the long run they will be learning from a great coach and with good players around them.

I was distraught immediately after the injury, I've had shoulder dislocations before and I really felt for Gordon...but the sun still came up today and will come up tomorrow. No point being morose about what happened, it's done. The season is not over by any means. All we have lost is the opportunity cost of seeing our Mini-Three play together which everyone was looking forward to...but that will come. Just a bit later than we had planned.

We knew our team didn't have a prayer against Cleveland last year but they still gave us some memorable moments and points of joy during the season and I'm confident this team will as well.
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Gordon is done for the season, as well as we as a team. Let's let these youngsters Tatum and Brown develope and show us what do we have for the future. I still believe we have a hidden treasure in Tatum.

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Erm, the bright side is...


we can always blow it up?
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