Author Topic: How about a little Horford Appreciation?  (Read 2665 times)

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Re: How about a little Horford Appreciation?
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Love Horford. It's obvious that, as good as the connection between Teague and Horford, Schroeder and Horford, and Thomas and Horford all were, the connection between Horford and Irving is even better. Both guys have a great feel for the game and one another.

His shooting and rebounding will likely regress down to the mean, and his blocks will likely regress up to the mean. I still think he will have a career shooting year though.

He makes the game easy for Tatum and Brown. He helps Smart to make positive offensive plays once in a while. I'm hopeful that Rozier will eventually figure out how to work with him too.

With Hayward's feel for the game, just image how Irving, Horford, and Hayward would have worked together to get great shots.