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Making sweeping judgments from exceptionally limited play time in preseason (a whopping 56 minutes) seems rather hasty, doesn't it? Nader had one absolutely dreadful game at Philly. He was AWFUL. 1-8, 3 TOs. The other 3 games were much better.

4-6, 4 rebounds, 10 points in 11 minutes.
5-11, 2 rebounds, 15 points in 21 minutes.
2-3, 1 rebounds, 5 points in 8 minutes.

If much of anything can be gleaned from this, it's that he contributed well in 3 of 4 games.

Neither will cherry picking stats.   The guys is a ball hog.  He is a dubious shooter .36% from the field and .231% from the trey line to go with your above stats and about 8 TOs.  The games he had good stats he was playing against garbage players.  Our offense stagnated when he was in games and teams came back because the he did not play within the offense.  HOW COME YOU DID NOT POST HIS SHOOTING STATS?   Dishonestly or just trying to hide what does not support your argument or over looked it?   Which one was is it, do tell.

The bottom line is he is expendable and in no demonstrated that he is a keeper.   Now we will see as the games are for real.

That being said, he is the type of guy you want on your practice squad or scout team because he will take shots and try to compete even when he was clearly out of his league.   Good practice player but end of the bench NBA player.

Re: nader is no james young-
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He could be the best Egyptian player to ever take the hardwood.

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The Nader debate is interesting if, for no other reason, it illustrates the Celtics superb bench.

Should Baynes and Morris ever play again (I assume they will) and Tatum hangs on as a starter (maybe not) The Celtic's bench is going to be a veteran group of accomplished players.

I could be crazy, but Baynes, Morris, Rozier and Smart looks as good as anything else out there. Sure, they can be beat, but, not by much.

As  far as Nader's minutes, not many as Yabusele seemed to get some calls from Stevens in the preseason. If there are injuries, however, Nader will get some minutes and rain threes and drive to the hoop with the best of the tenth, eleventh and twelfth best guys in da league.