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Bormio 1987 world meets Kukoc
« on: September 22, 2017, 12:59:41 PM »

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On Sunday premiers a documentary about a game for the u19 world championship held in
Bormio  30 years ago

On August 1 USA faces Yugoslavia

Kevin Pritchard,Larry Johnson,Gary Payton,Stephen Thompson ,LaBradford Smith,Lionel Simmons,Scott Williams,Stacey Augmon,Robert Brickey,Ron Huery,Dwayne Schintzius,Brian Williams


Zoran Kalpić,Luka Pavićević,Nebojša Ilić,Toni Kukoč,Miroslav Pecarski, Teoman Alibegović, Aleksandar Đorđević,Samir Avdić,Vlade Divac,Radenko Dobras,Dino Rađa, Slaviša Koprivica

Kukoc scored 37p 11/12 3p !!!!!

A few days later the two teams met again in the final and Yugoslavia won again.

Re: Bormio 1987 world meets Kukoc
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I hope they translate the documentary in English, it looked promising.

Re: Bormio 1987 world meets Kukoc
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Thanks for bringing this game up.

I found this 6 min clip, you can see more condensed barrage.

I kind of see 3 key elements (hints) of the global basketball development here.
1. Europeans being recognized as a NBA-worthy talent (a trend that took BB to another dimension). This was the year 1987. We waited just until 90ies to see its explosion.
2. NBA importing height, they still do.
3. The benefit of a tall and long player shooting and hitting a lot of threes (we are living this today)

I think Americans and the world as a whole were in awe. Like the current Dončić hype. 6'10 guy hitting all 6 threes (again, year '87) in the first half. He missed one if I remember correctly at the start of the 2nd half. Later he said he thought the magic was gone at that point, after halftime, but then after hitting another 5 in a row, he proved himself wrong.
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