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Spends more time promoting chick-fil-a and jbl headphones on social media than working on defense

Do you share similar concerns about any other NBA players who promote their "brand"?

There's room for both, but I'd like to see guys spending their summers adding skills, too.
Don't think Fultz has a deal with chick-fil-a but they ought to give him one.  Fultz along with most of the Sixers have been at the Sixers training facility this summer.  Haven't heard much about how Fultz is doing but Simmons is getting rave reviews. 

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Fultz is going to have some issues with the glaring lack of intagibles, mark my words.

That may be. But I'd bet that he will have issues with his knees.

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Korky was my binky from that draft..

I think the only guy Philly would consider offers for is Al, who is almost completely untradable. Al's true basketball value being shamefully underrated has been, and probably will always be, a reality of the NBA media. The guy deserves a chip and I hope he gets it over the next three years. Two would possibly sneak him into the Hall.
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Maybe Yabusele,Rozier and Morris w/ Bos2018 and Clippers 2019 first , just might get it done