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Equifax breach - protect yourself!
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Equifax has been breached and SSN and other info on basically everyone with a credit score has been stolen. Also, equifax has created a website where you can supposedly check if you were affected, but it may be a phish (not a whole lot is really known right now, so use known trusted websites and use your judgment). More info:

The safest thing you can do to protect your financial future is to freeze your credit (essentially preventing anyone from opening a new line of credit in your name until you thaw it). It costs money to freeze and thaw. More information:

Equifax is offering 1 year of free credit monitoring, but this is a less effective security measure, and the free deal only lasts for a year before you have to start paying through the nose. Also apparently there is a clause in their legal agreement that you agree not to sue Equifax.
FYI Krebs is a journalist who has been covering security issues for over 10 years after he was personally a victim of identity theft. He is preeminent in the field, but he does have some bias because he had a negative experience with credit monitoring when he got his ID stolen.

Be careful!
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