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Random HKer here-HK has typhoons regularly during summer and we just got 3 typhoons in succession, 2 of which were very strong with typhoon 8 signals (1st one was typhoon 10, which is the max). Just me but it's pretty shocking to see the US get so much damage because of some hurricanes, after those 3 all we had was some fallen trees and minor stuff, flooding was minimal and we don't get fallen houses lol. Hope you guys mininize the damage caused by natural disasters in the future and please stay safe.

I think the geography is the difference.  You guys have tall volcanic islands that have been scoured by more cyclones than any other region in the world.  I would guess the most susceptible low-lands washed away, long before us foolish humans put up our condos...  Here in the states most of the southeast just lies in waiting for a flood.

Miami, Daytona, St Augastine, Charlestown & Myrle Beach all will be leveled by this one. 

The wind field is just too large and strong.
Yeah the damage in the states is all about the low level lands.  That is what happened in New Orleans with Katrina, New Jersey with Sandy, and now Houston with Harvey.  The rivers, dams, lakes, and oceans just overflow and flood everything in the lower areas.  There were large parts of all those areas that did not flood at all and essentially had no damage aside from whatever was caused by loss of power or some minor tree branch falling damage (some places didn't even lose power).   

Also, the weather is just going to get worse as the oceans warm a bit.  That was one of the big problems with Harvey as the warmer water didn't create the jet streams that normally push hurricanes through an area.  Harvey just kept circling and coming back dumping more and more water which in turn caused more and more flooding.

Is it too soon to make a Kyrie joke about flat land?
never too soon, though he was joking and admitted it right after.