Author Topic: Is Kristaps Porzingis next.  (Read 1454 times)

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Re: Is Kristaps Porzingis next.
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 Would you trade Brown and Lakers pick for Porzingis.


i d think hard

Me too. And I love Brown.  But Porzingis would set us up a long time, especially as Al hits the back 9.  Brown's minutes more replaceable by Tatum et. al.

What about at a chance for Anthony Davis?

I'd pull that trigger in a heartbeat, i don't see it happening, isn't that 4 max guys on the same team? i don't think we can afford that lol
we would most likely move horford for davis and not look back

Re: Is Kristaps Porzingis next.
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The pick is owned by Philly, not LA if not conveyed in '18.  The  pick still has great trade value though as it then becomes Sac '19 first (#1 protected) if it doesn't convey via LA (2-5) in '18.
isn't the better for Sacramento and Philly in 2019 making it even better?

I don't think we get choice of the best pick, we get Sac's pick unless it's #1 and then we'd take Philly's. It doesn't matter if Philly gets #2 and Sactown gets #12, #12 is ours. 

I need LA to get #2 so I don't have to waste time on another (hopefully) bum squad for the 1000 year in a row!!

It's the better of the 2 picks, #1 protected.  So we get the better pick, unless it's #1 in which case we get the worse of the two
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