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More experience at SG and PF
« on: August 29, 2017, 11:44:03 AM »

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I was thinking if we coulde trade Yabu and Rozier to Denver for Barton and Lyles. Both units would improve and make us a real contender for the East and Banner 18.

Re: More experience at SG and PF
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Depends what your objective is. In value its a fair trade. Barton is a free agent next summer and he'll likely get paid a decent amount, Lyles was in Roziers draft so has a few years less than Yabu on his rookie deal.

Are they the pieces that will take us to the next level? I think they are probably on the edge of the rotation so no. But in a year or two when we have grown as a team and GS are on the downslope, Rozier and Yab will be cheap rotation players whereas Barton will almost certainly be gone.

I wouldn't do it, I like slowly developing these rookies and having them enter the rotation ready to play when Hayward, Irving etc are hitting their absolute primes