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Re: Antifa attacks prayer rally
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What do you guys think of this?

I think it's a horrible article that buries the lead: antifa's actions were classified as domestic terrorism under Obama. A lot of the rest of that article is garbage, though.

Greenbeck, and others - now that you've actually read (and have seen Roy's post - who is right-leaning -if I'm correct) would you NOW see that this news site CAN BE FAKE NEWS as well! It clearly states this:

Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Marco Rubio, Charles Krauthammer, and a whole lot of other Republicans have not only been unwilling to do what Obama’s government was willing to do and label Antifa activities as “terrorist”

but as Roy pointed out Antifa WAS classified as domestic terrorism. PLEASE STOP taking these internet FAKE NEWS sites as gospel and trying doing some thinking for yourself!
In fact, DHS formally classified their activities as "domestic terrorist violence" during the final year of the former Obama administration, Politico reported Friday, citing law enforcement authorities and confidential documents.

Please don't reference any other democratic political figure or sponsor of the recent past as a point of deflection.