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Re: Tony Allen BACK to Boston??
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I like Tony, and having another gritty guy on the roster would be a good thing.

But, the team may prefer more shooting, with Smart and Rozier being spotty from outside.

You forgot we got Hayward now and Tatum. Together with Kyrie I don't see lack of shooting.

Kyrie and Hayward are great shooters. Who else on the roster is?  Horford and Morris are adequate for big men. Time will tell if Tatum is a good shooter; he shot 34.2% in college, against weaker defenses and a shorter line. It may take him awhile to become reliable.
Role players who only do one or two things well are quickly becoming a thing of the past.  EVERYBODY on the floor has to be able to hit a shot, and play defense.  It's the GSW model.

Loved Tony when he was here for all the reasons mentioned, but no thanks.

Allen was able to shoot, but you can't consider him any better as a shooter than Rozier or Smart.

Re: Tony Allen BACK to Boston??
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Tony allen is old and cooked. We're trying to get younger not older. Kadeem Allen is our new gritty defender if smart goes out for some reason. We don't need tony