Which team got better, which got worse?

Celts and Cavs both got better
13 (26.5%)
Celts got better. Cavs got worse
13 (26.5%)
Cavs got better. Celts got worse
13 (26.5%)
Cavs and Celts both got worse
0 (0%)
Cavs and Celts both stayed the same
4 (8.2%)
Cavs stayed the same. Celts got better
2 (4.1%)
Cavs stayed the same. Celts got worse
1 (2%)
Celts stayed the same. Cavs got worse
0 (0%)
Celts stayed the same. Cavs got better
3 (6.1%)

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Re: Which team got better and which got worse?
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I honestly think both teams have gotten better if they play their cards right. 

Assuming Cleveland starts Thomas (PG), Crowder (SG), Lebron (SF), Love (PF), Thompson (C) I think that the addition of Crowder makes that a stronger all-round lineup then they had last season.  This allows them to bring Rose off the bench as an offensive sparkplug, which also means they can restrict his minutes and reduce chances of him getting injured again - I think this is the best possible scenario for Cleveland. 

If Cleveland starts Thomas and Rose (bringing Crowder off the bench) then I think that makes them worse, because Crowder is IMHO a better overall player then Rose and a better for for the team given his size and two-way skill set.  A backcourt of Thomas/Rose would, IMHO, be a defensive disaster - especially with Lebron (who plays D when he feels like it) and Love out there as well.  I cant imagine they would be silly enough to do that.

Wether Boston gets better or worse will depend very heavily on their youth movement at this stage.  One of Brown / Tatum / Smart is eventually going to be expected to start in Crowder's place, and those will be big shoes to fill for three guys who all (IMHO) have a lot to prove: 

* Can Brown show significant improvement over last year and prove he is worthy of starting? 
* Can Smart finally provide some passable outside shooting to compliment his bulldog D? 
* Can Tatum score against the big boys as well as he did in college and summer league?

As one of those guys moves into the starting five, then that also opens up extra bench minutes the other two guys plus Rozier.

Boston has a lot of dark horses in this race - a lot of young prospects who could just as easily break out or doing nothing at all. 

Re: Which team got better and which got worse?
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Re: Which team got better and which got worse?
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  • This is the time when Danny 'Thanos' Ainge brings 'balance' to the roster
The big question for me is what becomes of our fabled elite perimeter defence now that we have overhauled our guards and swings rotation?
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Re: Which team got better and which got worse?
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We got the best player in the deal.   I think we also got the guy who can help a team the most in the playoffs.  CLE gets to make another run but I like our odds better playing them now.   

We do not know IT's health, Ainge does.  Ainge has done right by us so far, so I trust him.  Maybe he has seen something from our prospects that made him pull the trigger.

Re: Which team got better and which got worse?
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IT is healthy in the CORRECT situation can put up the numbers for sure.   I believe his trade value is no where near what his Celtics court value reflects. DA was not going to max IT and sign him with a iffy hip for 4-5 more years . 

The trade was Nets pick and Crowder a nice player and contract for Irving

Irving and Hayward > greater than IT , AB and Crowder